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Rebecca Wood
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For colon regularity, a client, Suzie, spent well over $100 per month on a pricy fiber supplement...but was still plagued with constipation. We adjusted her diet, she's off those supplements and now Suzie reports a good poop daily.

Indeed, enjoying is the word. Passing a complete and normal stool engenders a substantive moment of euphoria. Ah...when your gastrointestinal tract functions well, you feel clear and great.

Proof of a good diet is a soft, well-formed, single stool that exits your body with minimal effort. It will be brown in color and not foul smelling.

I strongly disagree with western medical advice that claims regularity ranges from three bowel movements a day to three times a week. Because so many in our culture are constipated, going without a daily BM is read as "norm." In The Face Diet, you can clearly see how your lower lip accurately mirrors constipation.

Despite authorities' confusion about "normal," you know your own truth. When you don't daily move your bowels, you feel stuck and heavy and your thinking is cloudy. When your gut is clogged, your whole body knows it.

When your diet is right for you, your system gracefully digests. Then, you can pass on colonics, extreme fasting and colon cleanses. Better yet, you can also bypass chronic illnesses including colon cancer, gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune disorders.

Yes, fiber is important for regularity and most people get enough fiber if they're eating the healthy diet recommend in my web pages. If, however, you need extra fiber during your dietary transition, I recommend taking psyllium with meals. Pass on the overpriced fiber blends that often contain ingredients that you don't need.

Again, to enjoy regularity, your first step is to clearly identify what you are consuming that challenges your digestion. Then, avoid those foods, eat well and delight in your improved colon health. It's doable and I'm confident that you can do it.

May you be well nourished!

Rebecca Wood