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Quality Cookware

Accompanying recipe: Easy Chicken Soup

With good reason, I've long treasured my foreign-made, heavy and cumbersome but breakable earthenware pots. It's about flavor and health.  Earthenware and ceramic pots emit far-infrared heat that subtly enhances the flavor of food. Secondly, unlike our common cookware, they are non-reactive do not taint foods with metallic or synthetic toxins. (See Healthy Cookware article and Cookware Forum.)
For the past two months, I've been testing a new line of ceramic cookware, Xtrema. Compared to other ceramic cookware, they are lightweight, versatile and tolerant of extreme temperatures. These attractive pots are non-stick and enjoyable to use.
It is my wish that every cook enjoyed quality cookware. You might consider Xtrema ceramic cookware.  A 2.5 Qt. Sauce Pot W/Cover, retails for $79.99 which is, considering its advantages an excellent investment.
Currently other earthenware and ceramic cookware is imported. Inexpensive black Columbian la chamba earthenware pots are, like Xtrema, used both on the stove and in the oven. Other earthenware pots for stovetop use include Japanese nambe pots, Spanish cazuelas and Moroccan tagines. There are also hand-turned "Korean" stone pots now made and imported from China.  The lovely red Romertopf clay roasters are limited to oven use. The availability of these items is variable; do an internet search for such pots or watch for them in specialty cookware shops.
Please don't let the excuse of not having a "perfect pot" keep you out of the kitchen. Just imagine how delicious the chicken soup will taste in your current soup pot.

May you be well nourished!

Rebecca Wood