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Self Test for Hypoglycemia

Here's a quick Self Test to see if you're overeating carbohydrates. Look between the inner corner of each eye and the bridge of your nose. What is your skin color in those two areas? If it is blue or violet, rather than the color of the rest of your face, this indicates hypoglycemia and corresponding swings of your mental, physical and emotional energy.

Over 90% of my clients are blue in these two spots (often, one side will be darker than the other) because they are consuming more carbohydrates (sweeteners, fruits and grain products) than is healthful. Note: skipping meals and/or eating too many raw and cold foods also contribute to blood sugar dysbiosis.

Erratic blood sugar is a precursor to diabetes. To reduce the blue and, more importantly, to help stabilize your blood sugar and support your overall health eat a balanced diet with adequate protein, quality fat and unrefined carbohydrates. Favor easy to digest, cooked foods.

Your blue spots won't disappear overnight (which makes sense when you consider that it took multiple dietary indiscretions to develop this condition). But, please be diligent and within two weeks of a balanced diet, your spots will diminish and your emotional, mental and physical energy will become more stable. Keep it up and, in most cases, your skin color will return to normal.

Now that you've checked yourself, look at your family, friends and the clerk at the store. Most people have bluish skin at the inner corner of their eyes. When you find someone with normal colored skin, ask her about her diet. You'll find that she eats regular, nutritionally balanced meals, avoids refined foods and rarely eats sweets.

Next, look at the Mona Lisa or any oil portrait prior to the mid-1900s. No blue spots. What's to blame? Our increased consumption of carbohydrates in the form of refined grain products, sweeteners, sweetened beverages and excessive fruits and juices.

Tragically, you'll see some babies have blood sugar irregularities (due, from my observations, to the excess carbohydrates in their diet or, when in utero, from their mother's diet). When severe, you'll see a blue line extending from the blue spots next to the baby's eyes up over the bridge of his nose. Due to his digestive challenges, excess mucus forms causing him to suffer from frequent colds and sinus and ear infections.

How to chase away these blues?  The answer is found 5 paragraphs above as well as in my eBook, The Face Diet.

Note: this information comes from Oriental Facial Diagnosis, an art I've been practicing since 1970. I offer it to inform, not prescribe. For your health concerns, seek the advise of a qualified health professional.

May you be well nourished!

Rebecca Wood